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We offer you a quality translation service for the following 12 foreign languages:
English, French, Greek, Chinese, Hungarian, Dutch, German, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Italian and Turkish


While translating it is very important to take into consideration the location of the associates who will recieve your message.
By localizing the translation the content of your text is improved because local culture, speech patterns and grammar are all taken into consideration, which enables to get your message across loudly and clearly. Localization is the foundation of any written translation or oral interpreting that has a quality label.


Proofreading is a process of linguistic and style optimization of an original text done in compliance with the current spelling and grammar norms of the standard language. This implies the optimization of style and syntax, as well as informing the author of more appropriate linguistic solutions. Our proofreaders are linguists and foreign language teachers whose vast experience at proofreading and correction jobs guarantees a job well done.

When it comes to Chinese translation services, we specialize in business document translation. If you are dealing with foreign partners, managing business communication may be complex. We make it simple and smooth for you.

Why is the quality of translation so important?

Recently, the need for translation services has integrated in almost every regular activity. Although there are many online translation tools that help us translate and understand common expressions in different languages, these tools are often not enough to meet the quality of translation requirements.

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  • Business documents, memos, forms and other business projects

  • Publications, doctoral theses and other scientific and expert articles

  • Translation of website contents and other social network contents

  • Bachelor and master theses and other academic writings

  • Contracts, yearly/quarterly/monthly reports

  • Books, manuals, guidebooks, brochures and other advertising materials

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