Oral Interpreting

We offer you a quality oral interpreting service for the following 12 foreign languages:
English, French, Greek, Chinese, Hungarian, Dutch, German, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Italian and Turkish

Consecutive translation

This kind of translation is commonly used at smaller, formal or informal meetings that have no time limit. The translator waits for a convenient time or a pause during a speech to interpret the meaning for the listener.

Simultaneous translation

The interpreter uses special equipment for simultaneous translation. While listening to the speaker, the interpreter uses a microphone to convey the content of the conversation in another language. This kind of translation is the most appropriate one for conventions with many participants.
Localization is the foundation of any our document translation or oral interpreting that has a quality label.

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We consider quality service the foundation of our business. Every professional translator in our team is highly-specialised within their sector; therefore, you can rest assured that they are on hand to help you with your translation requirements.

When it comes to English and Chinese translation services, we specialize in business document translation. If you are dealing with foreign partners, managing business communication may be complex. We make it simple and smooth for you.

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