Chinese translation

We are the only translation house in Croatia that provides not only translations into Chinese language, but also consulting for bussines plans and for the realization of Croatian companies’ projects on the territory of PR China.

Did you know that China has more Internet users than any other country? In general, more than 40 percent of global Internet users are now based in Asia.

The Internet continues to grow and has become the default point of call for businesses and individuals searching for goods, services or information. A multilingual website demonstrates you think, work and deal internationally. It also demonstrates you are thinking about your customers, no matter their location.

High quality standards of our translations are reflected in our full dedication to each project and understanding your business needs.
We are special because you can rest assured that the message you want to convey will be consistent and sensitive to cultural differences.

Why is the quality of translation so important? Recently, the need for translation services has integrated in almost every regular activity. Although there are many online translation tools that help us translate and understand common expressions in different languages, these tools are often not enough to meet the quality of translation requirements.

Need a professional and quality translation?

Let us know what the translation is regarding and when you would like to have it, and we will provide you with the quote and delivery deadline that perfectly suits your needs.


prof. Dr. Sc. Jasna Horvat Faculty of Economics in Osijek

We contacted Language House in order to ensure a quality translation of the text promoting a new novel called Vilijun into Chinese. In addition to the translation, Language House also organized text captions and made it possible to create the newest promotion film for the Vilijun.